Kavanah Complete

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One book to carry students through their entire school liturgy curriculum, from year to year. Full flexibility for teachers and prayer programming, allowing any prayer to be taught in any year and at any time. Contents: Introduction to Learning Prayer, Basic Blessings, Modeh Ani, Ma Tovu, Barechu, Yotser Or, Ma'ariv Aravim, Ahavat Olam, Shema, Veahavta, Mi Chamocha, Hashkiveinu, Veshameru, Avot Veimahot, Gevurot, Kedushah, Sim Shalom, Shalom Rav, Oseh Shalom, Taking out the Torah, Torah Blessings, Haftarah Blessings, Ashrei, Psalm 29 & Returning Torah, Ein Keloheinu, Aleinu, Kaddish, Adon Olam, LEcha Dodi, Shalom Aleichem, Kiddush for Friday Eve, Havdalah, Birkat Hamazon. ISBN: 0-98433-334-7

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