Kavanah 2

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Kavanah 2 is a Hebrew prayer study text, the second in a three book series, for students who have already learned to read Hebrew. This second volume focuses on the Amidah and on the concluding section of the service. Ten key prayers are covered, one per chapter. The target vocabulary for each prayer is taken from one or two key phrases that provide insight into the prayer's meaning. Students gain familiarity with the structure of the service and the origin and function of the prayers through lessons, exercises, and fun puzzles. They are also rewarded, line by line, as comfort reading the prayers' words is achieved. Prayers and blessings covered in this second volume: Avot Veimahot, Gevurot, Kedushah, Sim Shalom, Shalom Rav, Ein Keloheinu, Aleinu, Kaddish, Adon Olam, Veshameru.
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