Kavanah Prayer Textbooks

Kavanah Prayer Textbooks

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KAVANAH is a spiritual, skill-oriented, and consistent system for the teaching oft'fillahEach chapter covers one prayer or prayer sequence, is eight pages long, and uses color to teach and guide. The target vocabulary for each prayer is taken from one or two key phrases that provide insight into the prayer's meaning. Students gain familiarity with the origin and function of the liturgy through well-paced lessons, exercises, and puzzles. Students are also rewarded, line by line, as they achieve comfort reading or singing the prayer’s words. The texts are appropriate for the Reform and Conservative movements, and are color-coded by denomination.

KAVANAH 1: Basic Blessings, Modeh Ani, Barechu, Yotser Or, Ma'ariv Aravim, Shema, Veahavta, Shalom Aleichem, Kiddush for Friday Evening.
Price: $12.95  ISBN:  0-98433-331-2  

KAVANAH 2: Avot Veimahot, Gevurot, Kedushah, Sim Shalom, Shalom Rav, Ein Keloheinu, Aleinu, Kaddish, Adon Olam, Veshameru.
Price: $12.95  ISBN:  0-98433-332-0  

KAVANAH 3: Ma Tovu, Torah Service, Torah and Haftarah Blessings, 
Ashrei, Psalm 29, Ahavat Olam, Lecha Dodi, Havdalah, Birkat Hamazon.
Price: $12.95  ISBN:  0-98433-333

KAVANAH COMPLETE: All prayers contained in books 1 – 3, plus Hashkiveinu and Oseh Shalom.  Arranged in the order of the service. 
Price: $36.00  ISBN:  0-98433-334-7